5 Fitness Motivations for the Cold Weather Slump

It's almost September, which means I am going to be EVEN MORE unmotivated to work out once the weather turns chilly. I'd rather wrap myself burrito-style in my favorite throw blanket than sweat one out after working all day (or heaven forbid first thing in the morning,) but it is always absolutely worth it...after it's over. Your work out regime can help keep the winter blues away & the extra holiday pounds to a minimum. 

Here's some tricks to help beat the work out blues:

1. Try a New Class 

          I usually stick to jogging around a track and lifting weights with a little yoga on the side, but that can become stale faster than a three-week old loaf of bread. Mix it up - attend that SoulCycle or Zumba class you've been meaning to try (or swore you'd ever attend.) Try out something new like aerial yoga or rock climbing. By keeping it fresh, you won't get bored and straying from the same ole work out will actually burn more calories! #winning

PS - This is the slowest time of year for most gyms, so do a little research and I bet you'll find some free classes being offered locally.

2. Write. It. Down.

          Plan to work out. Write it in your planner and put it on your calendar. Have a standing date with your well-being & make it a priority for at least 3 weeks...after that, it will be a habit you won't want to skip, no matter the outside temp.

Your body will thank you.

3. (A Little) Retail Therapy.

          Fabletics, Nike, Reebok and Forever21 are my go-to workout apparel shops. Looking good while I sweat (out all the mulled wine and pie I'll consume this fall) is an added bonus. Leggings with mesh accents, strappy sports bras and patterned tanks paired with your fav kicks will surely make your sweat feel like fancy pearl droplets.

Plus, there are actual studies that show dressing cute to work out actually helps you work harder and feel better about yourself...need I say more?!

4. Make a Killer Playlist

         Spotify is my savior when it comes to getting my butt moving. My body cannot help but get hype when Demi starts belting 'Sorry Not Sorry' or Queen B asks who run this motha?! GIRLS! Create a playlist of bass heavy beats, pump up the volume and get those steps in GURL! 

5. Use the Buddy System

         Accountability partners are a fail safe that will always work. Communicate your fitness goals with your friend and encourage them with their goals as well. Trying out a new class or activity will make fun friend memories! You could even get matching tennies...

JK, but fa real doe...


Don't forget: Summer bodies are made in winter!