Double Vision

Decorating a home or even one dedicated space is one of my faaavorite things (cue the Sound of Music song...and yes, if I were in the Alps, I would totally spin in circles with my arms wide while singing.) #noshame

When decorating or revamping a space, budget is absolutely the #1 thing to consider. We work hard for our money and there is no reason to drain your entire savings because you are SO OVER your current space.

Come on people, ya mama taught you better! 

Now, if you are like me, you regularly browse websites like West Elm, The Citizenry or go to the local Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware stores in search of the latest trends (and to feel all the buttery-soft leather out there.) But, let's be honest, there is no way I am spending $3k on one piece of furniture. I am there to look, touch everything and leave inspired...those commission-based sales people really don't appreciate this, however their feelings SHOULD NOT be a factor in how you spend those hard earned greenbacks. #sorrynotsorry

Recently, I went from the traditional farmhouse look to more of a southwestern style in my home - calming blues, creams, whites with a bit of terracotta accents & textures like cement, woods, soft knit and rich leather. I began my search for those key elements & came across some FANTASTIC steals that are almost IDENTICAL to the super expensive options

...and because I love you guys, I'm sharing :) 

Axel Leather Sofa

My designer friend found this AMAZING sofa at West Elm. It's the PERFECT sofa in my opinion, but I couldn't choke down the $2,799+shipping & tax price tag...

Echo Oxford

Then I found THIS! The color is more tan than caramel, but the design is SPOT ON. The $1,699 price tag ain't bad either!

The Citizenry Sheepskin Throw

Sheepskins are a great way to cozy up a space, but $95 is a bit much...

RENS Sheepskin

Enter IKEA. For under $30, you can have ALL the sheepskins! Decorate your own Viking lair! 

Moroccan Leather Pouf

This is a great multi-use piece that adds a nice flare to any space, but not enough to shell out $299! 

Carolos Leather Pouf has a MUCH more reasonable leather pouf for just under $120. Prop your feet up or add extra seating with this great find! 

Amal Beni Ourain Rug

A co-worker found this rug and said it would completely tie her whole living room together. She was devastated when the price was WELL above her budget at $2,275...


We found this beaut on sale for $160.99, and my co-worker was doing carpet angels (all over her new fabulous rug!)

Macrame makes a great statement 

And is my most-liked revival trend. However, you will NEVER find me spending almost $400 on one of these 70's inspired pieces. 

Thank goodness for Urban Outfitters.

This $59 macrame piece is utterly beautiful, will surely captivate house guests & you will be without all the buyers remorse.

Stray away from impulse buys and curate your style with your budget in mind. A little research (and maybe a Pinterest board or two) will help your moo-lah stay in your pocket!

What design dup's have you found?

Comment below - I'd love to hear from you!