Locks and Mops

We are two days away from the official first day of autumn (hello PSL everything!) This wonderful change of the season leads to new hair colors & styles. Hair color trends like buttery blondes, inky ebony and even the return of the amped up red 'pumpkin spice' hair gets me excited about what the fall has in store for our mops.

Hold your horses! Between the added highlights, time spent under those scorching sun rays and dips in the pool, our locks have been put through the ringer this summer.


So, before you bust out the sweaters and floppy felt hats, lets take a minute to repair the damage. It's SOS time & these are products that repair (and allow me to keep my sanity)...all are paraben free, non-GMO, sulfate free or cruelty free! You'll be saving the bunnies and achieving those hair goals this autumn. These products can all be found at Target...


(like you need another reason to visit heaven's blessing on this earth.)


Scrub-a-dub! Clarifying Scrub - Start off with a nice deep clean that increases hair growth and thickness. Clarifying shampoos cut through all the caked up product (like the 10lbs of dry shampoo on your scalp) & leave your hair feeling super light and wooshy! Yes, I just used a made up word, get over it - you know exactly what I mean by 'wooshy.' 

Color treated hair? Try this DIY home remedy:

Sea Salt Scalp Scrub (say that 5 times fast!) 

1/4 cup liquid Castile soap (Dr. Bonner's) + 1 tbsp aloe vera gel + 4 tbsp coarse sea salt

Combine all ingredients. Work onto wet scalp. Set for 1 minute & rinse. Condition ends.



Care for those tips! Coconut oil is found at any grocery store (also at Target - praise hands emoji) and is a great product to help retain moisture, which helps with frizz and split ends. 

I do a coconut hair mask about once every two weeks - apply from ends to roots, cover with a shower cap and sleep on it! Shower in A.M. - shampoo & condition like normal. You'll have silky smooth locks that want to do all your bidding. 

Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer and can be used to remove makeup, hydrate dry skin & for oil pulling. 



Static is the ABSOLUTE WORST. I mean, you spend all this time on a fantastic blow out, pull one cashmere sweater over your head and POW! You could teach a whole seminar on electricity from the amount of static on your strands.

This brush will tame your mane, help with split ends & keeping your hair shiny - the bristles distribute those natural oils from your scalp (and the infused coconut oil) down each strand so you end up with silky smooth locks.

PLUS - the funky shape is great conversation starter! Jk...with those lush locks, you won't need a weird-looking brush to help out your game...And it would be weird if you were just walking around holding a brush...so, don't do that. 



Conditioner sent from your guardian angel...or your Target angel #same

Adds moisture, enhances shine, stops breakage and smells amazing. (Actually, Kristin Ess' whole line smells fantastic - that 'salon' fragrance stays for dayzzz.) Use this leave-in conditioner a couple times a week to heal damage and keep your mop moisturized when the office starts cranking the heat.


Enrich those tresses with protein-rich and hydrating products this fall. Remember to use a protectant when styling with heat. 

Your hair will thank you.

PS - Please, for the love of your favorite blue sweater, turn off that flat iron after use...

You don't want to have to go live with your OCD friend Monica. #friendsreferencewin