Inaugural Capsule

Here it is! The the first 2017 Capsule Wardrobe.

It's been 58 days, 1392 hours and 83,520 minutes since I paired down to only 40 items and I can tell you the excitement has not worn off a bit. If you are late to the game, catch up by reading about where this all started here

40 items is all I allowed myself to pull together 3 months of outfits, ranging from lazy casual to work appropriate (mind you, my employer has a relaxed dress policy, so I can wear nice jeans to work. I still dress up with the same outfits though.) #boom

Some might run for the hills thinking this is absolute madness, but I tell you this...


This has been the most freeing objective I've ever set for myself. 


My walk-in closet remains partially bare, only housing a fraction of items it used to hold. I can actually see all options laid before me without raking large masses of clothes to one side & popping those plastic hangers in half from the force of my Hulk strength. Oh! And there are extra hangers in my laundry room...extra, as in more than needed! 


So, here's the deal:

I set a color scheme for the months of August through October of black & whites with greys, navy, OD green and tans, then threw in a couple wild card pieces of red & coral pinks. Then I put together a combination of shoes, tops, jackets and pants (and one fabulous purse) that did not exceed 40 items total. Since I was a new-bee and just starting a capsule, I did not allow a budget for anything new in this capsule...I strictly pulled from my existing closet. (Again, you can read about it here.)

Side note: Click on the image for product details. Also, since I pulled from what I already owned, some items are no longer available, I purchased at a consignment store, or the store is out of business (i.e. The Limited - I'm still a little sore on that one...I miss it so much), so some of the photos are of similar items.

So sue me! ;)

I'll tell you this - 40 pieces doesn't seem like a lot to some people, but it was MORE than enough for me. Honestly, I've had no trouble picking out anything to wear and I've only repeated a couple outfits. 

The Arkansas weather is still pretty warm from August-October, ranging from the mid/high 60's to high 90's with humidity of 1000%, so it was important for me to include everything from off-the shoulder summery tops to a leather jacket & items that I could layer together. 

My favorite outfits so far have been the easiest ones...the OD Green romper with black gladiator sandals, an all-black ensemble of leather leggings, the black tunic & the Vince Camuto Block heels,  Madewell flare jeans with a tee tucked in front & my western style booties and a draped cardigan...these outfits are comfortable, stylish, and most importantly, they make me feel good about myself because I know these fit my body well.


cue 'I LOOK GOOD' by Chalie Boy - 'Touch my swag, WISH YOU COULD!'


I'll reel in my gangster a little bit...but fa real doe, you know I'm doin' hair flips and bootie dances in the mirror like it's 'hot in herre' - "checkin your reflection and tellin your best friend, like 'girl I think my butt gettin big' OH!"


Ok, I'm done. 





PS - I totally know there are 32 items above...less just formatted prettier.

You're welcome.