Blue Christmas

Some people are always joyful this time of year...

positive, smiling all the time & over-the-top happy go-lucky about the holidays...



And then there are a few of us that want to punch those people in the throat.



First off, it's not natural to be super happy all the time. Those positive people who find the good in everyone & think everything is just wonderful all the freaking time need to friend a pessimist.

Ya'll could seriously balance each other out.

Honestly, it's totally OK to be a little down in the winter months. Our bodies are not absorbing as much vitamin D as in the warmer months #science and we can't even with the holiday stress (i.e. family drama, money is tight, schedules keep us constantly busy, we all worry about getting the "perfect gift," and you might be missing your family or friends.)


Geesh...just writing that stressed me out a bit.


So, guess what? There is an actual thing called Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD - AKA: the Winter Blues. And guess another thing? It's really common and completely natural. 

Those who have the winter blues would generally call themselves "happy people" but feel a little off in the colder months. I've read the symptoms include feeling lethargic or have trouble sleeping, might feel sluggish, have an overall depressed mood, and might feel withdrawn or antisocial, short tempered or irritable.

Basically, you are just like the other 10+ million Americans affected by this spout of depression. If you have some of these symptoms, you need to know it's totally normal, is more common in women & generally is a short term thing through the winter. 

You also need to know how to combat those winter blues in a healthy way...

not downing another eggnog and calling it therapy.


 1) Take a Walk

Exercise is one of the best ways to keep your head level, hormones in balance and endorphins flowing. Plus it helps keep off the holiday lbs #winning. Even if it is cold outside, bundle up and take a stroll to look at the holiday lights, or take part of your lunch break at work to walk outside. 


2) Have a game night

Pleasurable activities such as a game night with friends or family or watching a funny movie are great ways to stimulate a positive environment & get you laughing. Laughter really is the best medicine. 


3) Eat the good stuff

What you put into your body ABSOLUTELY has an affect on how you feel. If you are downing eggnog and not balancing with water, or think that holiday cookies and mulled wine are an acceptable "seasonal food group," you are depriving your body. Get a hold of yourself & eat some green veggies & fruit.

Fruitcake or candied pears do not count.


4) Talk to someone

Sometimes is best to just get it off your chest. Confide in a good friend about what you are feeling. Seek out a therapist to help you through these blues. Sharing your struggles does not make you weak, it shows you are strong enough to ask for help.


If not treated, these blues could turn into a full on depressive state and bleed over into those warmer months...before you know it, you are SAD all the time! 

Also, be on the lookout...don't sit and wonder if someone is ok - ask them & they might be struggling with their own winter blues. 

Don't be a cotton headed ninny muggin...if you feel a little "off" and you've tried a few (or all) of these tips, go see your doc.


DISCLAIMER: I'm absolutely NOT a medical professional - just a real person that shares her personal experiences with real life things. These are my opinions about the research I've done and my tried/true home remedies that have helped me. I sincerely hope they work for you. 


Happy Christmas!

Safe travels over the holiday! 

I hope you all get what you wished for & spend some quality time with those you love.