Cache of Garments

The most popular inquiry I have gotten since blogging about capsule wardrobes has been what to do with the clothes that are not in the current capsule... 

Questions like 'what if I want to keep certain articles of clothes that are not in season?' or 'what do I do with the items not included in my current capsule?'

I mean, you save for months and purchase these great pieces, so what do you do to keep your brand new (now favorite) knit sweater for next fall? What do you do if you DON'T want to keep it?

Great questions! 

That's why we are diving into how to properly store your clothes when they are out of season or didn't make the cut for your current capsule, and we will begin with a short touch on why consignment is amazing...



This is one of my love languages.

(HA! But for serious.) I. Love. Consignment. I've found some fabulous things at consignment stores, thrift stores, Goodwill and second-hand shops. One time, I found a Free People top for $6 and my favorite Madewell Flea Market flare leg jeans (originally around $150) for only $25...AH-MAZE-ZING.

But it's not just the great finds that keep me going back - it's that they will pay for the frocks I no longer want to keep...COME AGAIN?YOU HEARD ME! If your unwanted threads are in season (or about to be), in style & in good condition, they will pay cash money for your clothes. Some stores pay cash on the spot, and others have an option for store credit. Those greenbacks can go back into your closet. You could use the store credit for your next capsule! Check with your local consignment shops about what they are currently buying & what their process is for consigning. 

What a great way to recycle clothes and save some money on fabulous scores & new-to-you finds.



Now, let us get to the meat of this post.

How you store your clothes is actually really important to the life of those lovely items...

So, where do you begin?


First, identify where you can store your clothes. They need to be in a temperature & moisture controlled environment, so under your bed or the top shelves of your closet are great options. Storing clothes in the attic or basement is just asking for critters or moths to munch on your beautiful threads, or worse, mold and mildew to set in and ruin your favorite piece. EW. 

Also, be sure to wash or dry clean the clothes you are storing and allow time to dry completely. Loosely fold and place in fabric boxes (like these.) Place tissue paper between sweaters and tops - this allows the fabrics to breathe better. I like to separate my sweaters & blouses from bottoms & trousers, and I will never store shoes with clothing items. If you are into a vintage look, use some old suitcases for storage. Just make sure to line the case with acid-free tissue paper & toss in some cedar blocks to help keep away the bugs.


Jackets, coats and outerwear can hang in an extra wardrobe or (if you have the space) on a side of your closet that won't mix with your current capsule. Invest in sturdy wooden or velvet hangers and some garment bags to protect against wear and tear. If you layer a jacket over a blouse together on one hanger, separate the layers with tissue paper as well. Tie up some dried lavender to the hanger to fill your wardrobe with a lovely scent.

Scarves can be wrapped in tissue, place in the domes of the hats you want to store, and put hats in hat know, those CUTE round ones with little leather handles?! I adore them...and they make me feel like I just walked off the set of Breakfast at Tiffany's. You can score some vintage ones at garage sales or your local flea market, and they can double as home decor when stacked - just add a small lamp and a framed photo.

Shoes need to be cleaned and leather needs to be treated & polished. I found a tip on Pinterest that said pool floaties called 'noodles' can be cut and put into tall boots to keep them from getting a crease in the shaft...naturally, I was curious, so I tried it - TOTALLY works! Shoe storage boxes can be stacked on each other to reserve space. There are many options, including clear shoe boxes that are great, but I prefer white boxes...I tape Polaroid pictures of the shoes to the front outside of the box. Super cute project and it looks chic lining the top of my closet.


If you find you are running out of places to stash clothes, maybe it's time to take a look at items that may need to be sacrificed.

About once a year, a thorough purge of stuff is a healthy cleanse to keep your peace of mind, and It keeps your style fresh :)



I Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.