Candy Coated

Hello loves!

It's beginning to get pretty chilly down here in the southern states. We've already busted out the knits and sweaters, jeans and even the leather leggings, but now we can get to the main event...


This season, jewel tones and dusty pastels take center stage. I've also been noticing more texture (YAS!) so puffers, faux fur, velvet, sequins and even embroidery are all the rage...yeah, I just used 'all the rage'...take a beat to check yo self. #nojudgementzone

It seems like fashion is leaning towards a 70's vibe, and the 90's thing we've had going for a while just won't let go...beginning to think it's like Friends on will never go away...which I'm totally diggin'.


Here are some funky cool, but very cozy, outerwear you should be rocking this winter...

Monica, Rachel and Pheobe would approve.


Links on the image. 


Bombers, trench, or faux furry, these top layers are hella delish. 


PS - If you purchase new outerwear this winter, think about donating your gently used coats to a good cause. There are plenty of churches and organizations that desperately need coats in every size to help those in need. Start this holiday season by giving back and being thankful.