City of Bridges

Hello there lovelies! It's so good to be back! 

My husband and I took the last 11 days off work (and off life) and spent time with our families, decorated our house for Christmas, and discovered a new city that spoke to our souls. 

Traveling and exploring new places is one of my passions...I love finding interesting little shops, munching on the local eats and submersing myself into the culture. This time, we went to Pittsburgh, PA and it did not disappoint. 

Neither of us have ever been to Pittsburgh before, so we took to the internet and Instagram to find what this city had to offer. Since we were only spending a few days in the city, we decided on a few things ahead of time:


1) We were definitely attending the Steelers home game & 2) We had to make reservations at the restaurant on Mount Washington called Altius. 


When we arrived, we Uber'ed from the airport and had the best driver - he talked about the city like it was his first love and took us the best way into the city - through the Fort Pitt tunnel. He said "the city will pop right out on the other as she smiles for you." As we exited the tunnel, she sure did...Heinz Stadium to the left & the downtown skyline on the right, it was a magnificent first impression.

Later, we got to our hotel, The Hotel Indigo in East Liberty, which was a swanky place with an old Hollywood vibe. There were glam crystal chandeliers, indigo accent walls, rich leather furniture & black and white portraits of famous films. The staff was friendly & the lush beds begged for a good night's sleep. Hotel Indigo is not right downtown, but a very nice hotel anyway and about a 10 minute drive from the heart of the city. 

Next stop - Heinz field. Let's be honest, I was fangirl-ing so hard when we got to the stadium. I've been a Steelers fan for a long time and this was my first game at Heinz. I seriously almost cried...and by almost, I mean I had to work hard reigning in all the feels. When we entered the stadium, we took some time to walk around and got to see all six of the Lombardi trophies, retired uniforms, every design of the Terrible Towel, plus so much more. There was plenty of time before the game to find our seats and hang out before the game. I found us some "once in a lifetime" front row seats on the 35 yard line, home about a lucky find. 

The air was electric with anticipation for the game to start...At kickoff, every person was on their feet, waving their Terrible Towels & yelling for the home team...chills ran down my spine, not from the cold, but from the adrenaline coursing through the stands. There's nothing like good 'ole American football on a cold autumn night. 

After the game, we had a little panic phone was the one with the Uber app and it was at 3% battery. Steven's phone was at 7%, but no Uber app. With no where to go (it was after 12am on a Thursday night) and almost no cell phone battery, we were almost stranded at the stadium...Then the most interesting Uber driver finally arrived. He was blasting Cage the Elephant and taking corners on two wheels...but we survived and I think he was diggin' the fact I knew every word to the songs he was jammin'.


The next day, our first stop was to the famous Primanti Bros. Restaurant. It doesn't matter what sandwich you order, they all come with fries and coleslaw on top. Don't knock it til you try it, because it was probably the most delicious sandwich I'd ever eaten. Washing it down with a cold Yuengling, my corned beef sandwich was a perfect lunch. 

After we were sufficiently fed and watered, we walked our way to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Then we walked our way through some really neat exhibits, my favorite being the dinosaurs. HUGE bones and fossils dated thousands of years old of things that used to roam this earth always fascinate me.  

That night, we had reservations at a swanky place called Altius. My husband had to make the reservations a month in advance! Knowledgeable and attentive staff, wonderful service and a delectable cuisine, Altius meets every standard a high-end restaurant experience should.

Shortly after we were done eating, fireworks burst through the air! The city was celebrating their annual 'Light up the Night' event where they quite literally light up the city for the holidays. We took The Duquesne Incline down Mt. Washington and trotted over to the passenger rail (the locals call this "The T") and went to Market Square where all the action was happening. Little Christmas shops lined the street and a huge Christmas tree was placed in the middle of the ice rink. It felt like we entered the North Pole...


On our last day in town, we decided to take a chance on another local spot called Smoke. Eclectic vibes with a cheeky feel, this BBQ taqueria sealed the deal...we were officially in love with the steel city. I munched on a burnt ends taco and sipped a few Loretta's while we lingered in our last few moments of Pittsburgh.


I've been lucky enough to travel a bit during my life, and this trip takes one of the top spots on my list of faves. My husband and I are already making plans to visit again, so if you have any recommendations of things to do, comment below! 



So, how was your Thanksgiving?

Did you bust out bright and early for all the Black Friday deals? Or did you stay away from all the fuss?

Did you celebrate the holiday with all your family, or did you do a non-traditional "Friendsgiving" instead?

I want to hear all about it.


Happy Holiday Season!