Keeping Focus

Lets get real for a bit.

Sometimes we don't feel like doing things. Even things we love.

I love blogging. It's informal and personal and I love the freedom I have as a writer to chose what I want to write about every week. 

But sometimes nothing excites me. Not writing, not clothes, not fabrics, not decor...


When I start to work on a blog post, I have a process I go though...I take about 10 minutes and brainstorm topics and ideas....nothing is off limits and I don't think too hard about it. Generally speaking, I let the creative juices flow until time runs out. Then I analyze the list and mark out the ones that don't fit with my themes...or when I cannot make out my own writing. ;) 

After I choose a topic I want to expand on, I'll write out a template of bullet points that I want to hit, and then we are off to the races! Most the time I can hash out an entire post in one sitting because I'm so enthralled with the the topic and the direction I'm taking it...

But this week was different.

This week, I felt distracted and a completely consumed with future things. 


In the last post, I encouraged you to take ambitious intentions and turn them into accomplished objectives. I'm definitely eating my own words this week. The list was made, but I got stuck in neutral, stressing over said list and the things that will come to be...I locked up, became fearful & got overwhelmed with my dreams, objectives and goals for 2018.

Now it's time to shake things up.  Get the creative juices flowing again and plow through this soul sucking blah-ness before it sets in and becomes my norm.

What are some ways you have pushed through a road block? I would love to know...maybe I'll skip the nightly 'New Girl' re-run and try something new like yoga before bed. This week, my entire church family is participating in a week of fasting and prayer, which couldn't have come at a better time. I'm using this time to clarify this muddy water sloshing around - Clarify my mind, purify my heart, and set me back on the track graciously planned for me.