My Dearest Darling

So, you forgot about Valentine's Day...

By now, all the good flowers & candy are gone and if you're standing in a store about to purchase some ridiculous stuffed animal from Walgreens or CVS...





What were you thinking? That thing would have made it into next week's trash bin or would have become Fluffy's new chew toy. You are better than that. Stop panicking & start thinking about what your person adores...


What is your person's love language? you can show your love in many ways - gifts as well as actions...



Here are a few things that will make up for the fact you have spent ZERO thought or time into this year's Valentine's Day:

  • Cactus - Lowe's or Home Depot have a cute selection of cactus & succulent plants that are cuter than a bouquet...and they last longer too! 
  • Jewelry - I'm not talking about some super expensive can get some really great pieces that will not break your budget. 
  • Gift Certificate for a massage or their favorite shopping joint. (Be sure to pair this one with a card...check out some of my faves below.)
  • Make Dinner - the fact that you are cooking for you're significant other will give you brownie points to last you a bit.
  • Bring Home Dinner - you may not be able to take them out to their favorite spot since they are probably all booked up for the evening, but call in an order for pick up...let's call this a work-around. To-go & Netflix sounds pretty fantastic for a mid-week date. 


If you don't have time to make it to the store before you see your lover, check out these printable cards from one of my favorite Etsy shops, TheGreyLennon.

The pressure may be on, but don't get flustered friend.

I'm here to help. 


Happy Valentine's, Lovers.