Opalhouse at Target

Shut. The. Front. Door. 


If you haven't meandered your way over to Target lately, first off - what are you even doing with your life?! and second, GIT YO BUTT THERE ASAP! Opalhouse is the newest brand to premiere at my fav big box store and I cannot get enough. I'm drooling over all the things & absolutely enthralled with this new line! Target is stepping up their interior design game with this one.

So, what is Opalhouse? Jewel tones + metallic peacocks figurines + fringe + velvet textures + global wicker baskets & chairs + vibrant wool rugs + some pretty fab panther accents = A glorious concoction of boho chic! There are rugs perfect for layering, statement throw pillows, golden wall sconces and oh so much more!

Mix in match until your little decor-loving heart can no more!


Per usual, click the image for link. Oh happy day!


Opalhouse is even offering WALLPAPER! How unique! This is not something you see often, and I imagine this will be a hit, so go get them while you can. Also, they are peel & stick, which makes for super easy application. I'm thinking of lining a small half bath or even my closet in the peacock paper. 


There's so much more to explore on the website, so go take a look! Get inspired! Spring is the perfect time to freshen your decor, but it doesn't have to break the bank.  Opt to swap a few things, like throw pillows or lamps, instead of an entire overhaul to keep trending.