Alright I'm just going to say it...holy schnitzel! It's already the middle/end of March. 

I'm not usually one of those people that is constantly referencing how fast time flies, so this is new to me, but it's crazy how crazy life gets, and crazy how one crazy day turns into a crazy week, and another crazy month, and before you know it, it's a crazy new year again and you haven't exhaled all year.


Like a second ago, it was December, then I blinked and completely lost track of February and have no idea where the beginning of March went... 


Let's circle back. 


Winter was extended by a groundhog, and I completely failed putting together a spring capsule because of that silly fur ball. (Side Bar: who in their right mind lets a large squirrel determine the weather?! I thought we had evolved a bit more.) But I digress...It's really my fault I completely dropped the ball on my life for the last 4 weeks, but I'll blame it on that rodent because it makes me feel a little bit better. 

I had a hard time getting my butt motivated to do things. I was always tired & overwhelmed by the list of tasks I had to do, so I dropped the list of responsibilities & dove into a couple new Netflix shows for a few days...but that soon morphed into weeks of not taking responsibility for ANYTHING...Dishes didn't get done, laundry was absolutely never folded (nor put away) and I barely looked presentable in public. Yoga pants were my signature look & if it wasn't for a last minute automatic bank draft, the mortgage wasn't getting paid.  

I was confusing resting with laziness and it was becoming my norm...


This. Has. To. Stop.


Spring is officially here (well, it will be tomorrow, March 20) and it's time to clean out the metaphorical & literal closets and shine some bright light into the places we allowed dust to gather this winter. Our time is valuable - let's do with it things that make our lives full of pride in what we accomplish & not allow laziness to fester.

Did you get tired or overwhelmed too? What were you wanting to accomplish this year but just stopped trying? Did you drop that big new year's resolution at the end of January? 




Here's Our wake up call to re-evaluate 2018 & get back on track.


Learn to rest when you are tired - not to quit. 


Create margin for rest so you won't get overwhelmed and allow burnout to take over.


Remove the noise & clutter - don't allow unimportant things to take precedence in your life.




Thanks for allowing me to take an (unintentional) hiatus...I didn't realize how much I needed rest until I was overwhelmed by STRESS...

Cross my heart, I will not drop the ball again without proper notification & a damn good reason. 


Here's to good restart of 2018.