Wintry Wardrobe

Happy November! 

It's officially my favorite month of the year - the weather is FINALLY acting like it's fall, daylight saving's time is this weekend (thank tha LORT for an extra hour of sleep,) football is in full swing, and the Thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner. The most important things that happen in November are my wedding anniversary & my BIRTHDAY! 

Some people are weird about birthdays *cough, cough, losers, cough* but I am one of those people that celebrates all stinking month.

If it was socially acceptable to wear a tiara every-day-all-day for the entire month, I'd wear the biggest crown I could balance on my noggin. #realtalk


In celebration of my birthday month, I say we premiere the Wintry Wardrobe! YEAYEAYEAY!  Honestly, I didn't plan for the next capsule to start November 1, but I'm sure glad it happened that way. 


This capsule will run from November 1, 2017 - January 31, 2018.


I've gone a little softer, added a few pastels and went with an overall cozy feel. You all know I love to layer and I also love mono-chromatic outfits...hello all-white & all-black ensembles - can I get a 'YAAAASS!!'  But look out because heather grey will also take the spotlight this winter.

If you are currently trying to tackle your own wintry wardrobe, keep in mind your lifestyle and the recreational things you will be taking part in this season: Are you traveling a lot for the holidays? Any fancy dinners or glamorous parties? Do you feel more confident in skirts and heels? Or do you prefer tennies and leggings?

Own it. Work it gurl.

Make the capsule work for your lifestyle & reflect your personal style.  

This winter, my husband and I are traveling quite a bit, camping a bit & have a few events which I need to be all gussied up. This capsule is more laid back and cozy for those nights around a fire or having a few stouts with friends, and I threw in a few fancier things, like legit pumps & a fantastic dress so I'd have something to wear for New Year's Eve and any other delightful holiday events we have planned. 

I love premiering a couple new items in each capsule. I'm able to bring a fresh feel to the capsules every time, without breaking the bank. The long grey duster, baby blue knit sweater and the pink sweatshirt are a few new things that brought a whole new level of comfy and versatility to my closet. The new velour dress and maroon heels are my go-to fancy for winter 2017. Notice - there are only 21 pieces shown below...I'm finalizing the capsule this week, but cross-my-heart, I will add them all by the end of the weekend. :) 

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